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Pembrook Light Compression Socks for Men 8-15 mmHg | Graduated Compression Socks for Men Circulation

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  • Gives You Relief & Support - Pembrook compression socks men are designed to put mild pressure around your legs to help your blood vessels work better so blood flows more freely. Mens compression socks can prevent and help soreness and aches as well as swelling in ankles and calves.
  • Helpful for Many Conditions and Everyday Activities - Support socks for men compression are great for people with or at risk for circulation issues like varicose veins or diabetes. Pressure socks for men are also used for post-op patients, people who stand for long periods, athletes or travelers on long flights.
  • The Ultimate Cotton Blend - The knee high Pembrook diabetic compression socks men are made from 55% cotton. Many mens support socks on the market are 100% synthetic making them uncomfortable and clammy. Based on customer feedback we have found what we believe is the optimal fabric blend for cotton compression socks.
  • Easy Maintenance & 6 Pair Value Pack - The Pembrook men's compression socks are a machine washable and can be put in the tumble drier without loosing their shape or compression qualities. This is also great price for 6 pairs of men compression socks - most competitors only offer 3 or 4.
  • We Know You Value Quality - After 40 years of manufacturing compression socks for diabetics men, we've honed our craft and learned a thing or two about quality and design. Pembrook has been in business since 1976 and we fully stand behind the quality of our products. If for any reason you don't love these socks, return them for a 100% refund.