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Pembrook Extra Wide Socks for Swollen Feet - 4 Pair Bariatric Socks for Edema and Lymphedema | Extra Wide Calf Socks

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  • Super Comfortable for Swollen Feet & Ankles - Pembrook extra wide calf knee socks help alleviate pain from swollen feet, ankles, or calves resulting from edema, diabetes, balance issues and similar conditions. These lymphedema socks also work perfectly as extra wide socks for patients wearing a cast.
  • One Size Fits Most Large Feet and Ankles - Our medical socks accommodate 3XL+ size feet and provide excellent coverage and comfort. Perfect socks for diabetics men and equally ideal as diabetic socks for women.
  • Works Great As a Cast Sock - Being extra wide these socks can also function as cast socks and keep you toes warm and your cast clean. Great mens diabetic socks for going over a cast.
  • Performance Blend - We want to ensure that our customers are provided with the best kind of comfort that wide socks men and womens can offer. That is why our diabetic gifts socks are made for maximum performance and durability. The Pembrook advanced yarn blend also resists bad odors to keep you smelling as good as you'll feel.
  • Designed to Last - Pembrook diabetic socks for men and women are easy to care for, so you can rest assured that your extra large socks will survive the wear and tear of everyday life. Our socks for large calves women are durable and machine washable so that your money goes a long, long way.